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The applications of hi班power microwave require

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The applications of hi班power microwave require that the pulsed powertechnology and high power microwave source technology develop towards the directionof miniaturization and long pulse.As one of important candidates in their respectivefields,an inductive energy storage pulsed power source and a magnetically insulatedtransmission line oscillator(MILO)have attracted the attention of many researchers.Inthis dissertation,based on the theoretical analysis and simulation calculation of theworking mechanism and operation properties of the novel inductive energy storagepulsed power source,an experimental inductive energy storage pulsed power souce hasbeen designed and fabricated,at the same time,a MILO which Can be used as amatching load of the pulsed power source has also been studied.Experiments of usingthis pulsed power source to drive the MILO have also been carried out.This dissertation mainly consists of the following aspects.

1)Based on the systematic study of the traditional inductive energy storage pulsedpower source,the theoretical analysis and simulation study of the working mechanismand operation properties of the novel inductive energy stoi'age pulsed power source havebeen carried out.The basic thought of the novel technology is that by the help of thedelay time of the transmission line,the beginning times of the different inductorsdischarge Can be isolated,SO that the output waveform Can be improved.Consideringthe transmission line as a capacitor,the novel principle circuit has been simplified andthe discharging formula of the inductor has been derived.The formula shows that thenovel technology changes the traditional pure exponentially decayed dischargingwaveform into a combination of an exponentially decayed discharging waveform and asinusoidally damped oscillation discharging waveform,which is the very reason whythe waveform is improved.Further numerical calculation indicates that the noveltechnology also has the advantages of decreasing the output impedance and increasingthe energy transfer efficiency.Additionally,when the RLL2C2 circuit quality factorQ≈1 is satisfied,the maximum energy transfer efficiency Can be obtained.Circuitsimulation results are in agreement、析m the theoretical results.1

工字电感产品简介 功率电感器厂家锦云电感LGB系列电感器又称为:扼流圈、阻流线圈、差模电感器,是用来限制交流电通过的线圈,分高频阻流圈和低频阻流圈。采用开磁路构造设计,有结构性佳、体积小、高 Q 值、

1.引言 随着红外焦平面阵列技术的快速发展,红外成像系统实现了高帧频、高分辨率、高可靠性及微型化,在目标跟踪、智能交通监控中得到了越来越多的应用,并向更加广泛的军事及民用领域扩展。实时红外图像处理系统

常用的单片机系统RAM测试方法 LED被称为第四代照明光源或绿色光源,具有节能、环保、寿命长、体积小等特点,可以广泛应用于各种指示、显示、装饰、背光源、普通照明和城市夜景等领域。近年来,世界上一些经济

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